The essence of true happiness lies in embracing the emotions which hide it. The irony is that we only realize it when every other emotion fades away.

The amusement happens to be in this sexy paradox, what had happened and what will happen, not in the existing reality

Live in the present and you will be happy, is what people say and even science agrees to it, but there isn’t anyone on planet Earth who does so. (Please inform me if you know one, as I am dying to meet that legend). They are either miserably regretting their past or are busy pondering on tomorrow. The amusement happens to be in this sexy paradox, what had happened and what will happen, not in the existing reality we live in.

Being excited or sad, angry or calm, or whatever emotion you have right now will fade away, giving space to other emotions to let in. They are all phases of Godly moments but no one wants to share the bed with them unless it’s a joyful mystery. The road to happiness is not an easy ride. Ever seen a sportsperson on a field when his nerves hold him, the frustration mounts in, the fear of losing smothers him, when relentlessness becomes his survival instinct and the furious roar like a lion announces his presence and existence in that very moment is a bliss so beautiful and pure to enchant you with charm. To be abe to dance on the clouds with joy, you have to gloriously experience the intimacy of every emotion.

The only emotion we truly celebrate is happiness and quite viciously sacrificing the others which have been through with us in the journey towards the ecstatic moments. Fear, sadness, anger, frustration, envy, hate etcetera are all that makes a person. There is nowhere in the universe you can escape from the natural phenomena of these feelings. You have to go through a certain phase to reach to a different state. There isn’t any shortcut to anything my friends. Don’t be ignorant towards other emotions in pursuit of happiness. Start living in the poetry of these emotions to create and feel true happiness.

Photo Credit: DonireeWalker (Flickr Creative Commons)


Published by Tariq Khan

I leave a part of me in every story I tell. To do any job, you must have an ego and with every story I pen down, it gives an innate calmness to my ego, telling it to be modest. The marriage of my ego and modesty has taught me how to have a voice of reason and I am here to share it with the magnificent bastards you are.

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  1. So you are in fact trying to tell us that we should go with the flow, a thing of beauty and as a space that had been explored and used over and over again by different individuals for different reasons and with wildly different results. In short we should begin to use our own life as a sort of laboratory to test some ideas and to find out what it feels like. Sounds really fascinating………

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  2. I totally agree with you.. This concept of “being happy” all the time is so absurd to me. It just can’t happen. We should accept the phase in which we are and continue to strive for happiness which ultimately is going to come but will fade away too. This cycle will continue forever and we all should embrace it to be truly happy.


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