“Graffiti is one of the few tools you have if you have almost nothing. And even if you don’t come up with a picture to cure world poverty you can make someone smile while they’re having a piss.”


Art sometimes take you to strange places. You glance up, see the artwork, you see closer to the brush strokes whispering colors in your ear and then it blends you within its own world. Such is the power and beauty of good art and a great artist.147

I came across Nick Walker’s work and found it simple yet intriguing. I see a man coloring the city with his paint to enliven its spirit. His portraits are incredibly witty but it cries for a change in the system. There is a sophistication to his art style trying to radicalize the way the social system of rules operates. Nick’s work reminds me of  Theodore W. Adorno, a philosopher of the 20th century, who wanted to promote socialism and overthrow capitalism. He once said, “The task of art today is to bring chaos into order.”  

When describing an artist of such calibre and his impactful artwork, words become ineffable and ephemeral in their own existence.

Vandal, the bowler-hatted gentleman is Nick’s alter ego and his signature character, has appeared in many of his artwork. To me, Vandal depicts a common man walking around the city. Nick hasn’t given him a face, just an identity. The identity of how powerful and headstrong a common man can be if he raises his voice for a change.

“All I ever wanted was my name on fire.”

Nick Walker

The exp12509606_919494401467862_7997857260834446046_nression of an artist represents an orphic identity of his desirable urge and Nick’s art wants us to connect with that impulse. The messiness in his art has a profound energy speaking to be heard. Either, if it’s street art (graffiti) or his galleries, his style is very bold. The graphic elements he uses and the war between black vs red in his pieces result in a peaceful art, crying chaos.

When describing an artist of such calibre and the impact his artwork portrays, words become ineffable and ephemeral in their own existence. Sometimes the art draws you so much into itself that all you want to do is to celebrate it, which I have and will be celebrating more of Nick’s artistic creations.

Photos Credit: Nick Walker and Arrested Motion

Disclaimer: This article is merely my observation of how I see the artist’s imagination and his work. Same goes for my previous article Nigel Milsom’s Affair with Art.


Published by Tariq Khan

I leave a part of me in every story I tell. To do any job, you must have an ego and with every story I pen down, it gives an innate calmness to my ego, telling it to be modest. The marriage of my ego and modesty has taught me how to have a voice of reason and I am here to share it with the magnificent bastards you are.

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