One moment it’s there, the next instant, whoosh, it’s gone. It is painful when you realize something you just created, never actually exists in reality and you were merely shadow dancing with the brush in your hand. To see it as an experience is good, but bringing the created art to life will be worth a tumultuous joy.   .

The idea of painting in the virtual world seems to be quite fascinating when you can paint in a 3D space. The characterization of the fantastic imagery and its surreal juxtaposition in the virtual reality is vividly illustrative but lasting not more than the smoke of gunpowder. Douglas Adams though thought the other way around; “The fact that all of this was happening in virtual space made no difference. Being virtually killed by virtual laser in virtual space is just as effective as the real thing, because you are as dead as you think you are.”  But then it makes me question whether it’s the same for an artist too, when he draws something and the moment he takes the device off, his produced piece of art vanishes, leaving no signs of existence?

Visit the link below to see how these seven artists feel about painting in the virtual world.

Virtual Reality is for Artists.

Photo Credit: Mirjana Veljovic



Published by Tariq Khan

I leave a part of me in every story I tell. To do any job, you must have an ego and with every story I pen down, it gives an innate calmness to my ego, telling it to be modest. The marriage of my ego and modesty has taught me how to have a voice of reason and I am here to share it with the magnificent bastards you are.

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