Many artists these days continue to churn out insipid, shallow works. There are certain oeuvres which sink me into some muddled mire and it does a dandy job in marring my imagination and testing my patience. Well, testing my patience would be a bit exaggerating, but it does create an aura of a cosy nonsense.

It surprises me when art starts to nurture in a way that you have to question yourself; is this really art? There is art out there which requires your meticulous attention to be understood and at least it is doing you a favor to be a bit thoughtful about it. While looking at it, you find yourself in reverie and that’s what good art promises to do. On the contrary, there is a bunch of egregious work displayed in art galleries and museums and is coined as ‘art.’

People stay mute about some crappy piece of works because the art critics and exhibitors have displayed it in the museums. The layman thinks that if they have put an approval stamp on it, it must be good. No, it’s not. It’s unabashedly and uncompromisingly bad art. Period. The context behind that crappy piece of work might be incredible but if there is no visual appeal to it, how dare they call it art then? Call the context and idea as ingenious, not it’s presentation. This idea of calling everything art is utterly rubbish and naïve.

Most of the modern art today is like a bad ritual and the religion of art needs to discard it, as it is poisoning the cult and bringing ridicule to the way art is looked at nowadays.

I have no shame to call the modern art a genuine tragedy to the art world. One should unhesitatingly expostulate about what is termed as art these days. If everyone starts accepting and are fed this thought that everything represented in the art exhibitions and displayed in the museums is art, I am afraid, good art will soon be replaced by acerbic pieces (which has already started) and it will immolate the art world.

Ever wondered why reality T.V shows are so popular. Everyone loves the contestants who are simple, morally correct and represent the idea of being truthful, but everybody talks about the spoiled, testy and querulous contestants. They are the topic of discussion for the viewers surfing on their couches while cracking some snacks and wittily mocking these obnoxious contestants over their profanity. The creators of the show endorse these types of contestants because they are marketable and they know how to make money out of their tawdry behavior. Calling these reality shows a by-product of the modern art wouldn’t be wrong.

The visitors who pay to go to art exhibitions and museums do not deserve to be presented with shite pieces of work. Most of the time they find themselves in bewildering complexity thinking how can a canvas colored black or white be termed as art. Like the reality T.V, it’s the bizarre, the questionable and the dingy that sells and that’s how these art exhibitors cash in on the idea of making moolah out of bad, silly and frivolous oeuvres.

“Skill without imagination is craftsmanship and gives us many useful objects such as wickerwork picnic baskets. Imagination without skill gives us modern art.”

Tom Stoppard

Joyce Cary uttered it in a harsh way by saying, “All art is bad, but modern art is the worst.” I will slightly disagree with him on his opinion of considering all art as bad, but I would strongly and barefacedly endorse him for his views on modern art.

Red Mirror, Sold for $ 750,000

This image is called “Red Mirror” by Gerhard Richter.”It’s really just red paint in a slight gradient on a mirror” and surprisingly to add salt to the wound it’s worth $750,000. Funny, isn’t it how it’s staggering price has deemed it as one great painting which isn’t even closer to be called art.

Piss Christ (a Crucifix Submerged in a Glass of the Artist's Urine), Sold for $15,000

This picture of Christ in the artist’s piss is also one of the products of modern art. It did cause a lot of stir and controversy though and I reckon this was the photographer’s intention by displaying it in the exhibition.  Again calling this “Piss Christ” as art is inviting itself to be deplorably reviled.

Most of the modern art today is like a bad ritual and the religion of art needs to discard it, as it is poisoning the cult and bringing ridicule to the way art is looked at nowadays. There is a bunch of shoddy works which are a shame to the art realm and they are intoxicating this beautiful art world with their interminable imbecility. I would have gone on and on by presenting these types of sordid works here as examples, but I would rather spend my words and time on something which deserves applause and recognition rather than this unapologetically, unromantically and  unappreciatively appalling works of modern art.

Photos Credit: Oddee


Published by Tariq Khan

I leave a part of me in every story I tell. To do any job, you must have an ego and with every story I pen down, it gives an innate calmness to my ego, telling it to be modest. The marriage of my ego and modesty has taught me how to have a voice of reason and I am here to share it with the magnificent bastards you are.

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